A little something fun for the whole board to do

i was thinking of something the whole board could do.

each of us make a small stick movie in flash, and show them off. make the joints as followed.

not a contest or anything, just something fun to do and see others imagination in action. also try to keep it short in length.

dead pic…

An idea for the next competition, perhaps?

Wha’? Dead links? Or stickmen beating the crap outta eachother?

Yes, highly amusing. :slight_smile:

I meant stickmen. Doing whatever you wanted them to do.

Hang on, on second thoughts, maybe we ought to impose a limit on what they’re allowed to do. Otherwise who knows what we’d end up with…

I guess more of an animation type comp in general really.

no, not stickmen beating each other, any 12 year old with a cracked copy of flash can do that. i mean something nice, something with artistic elements in it. something good.

sorry about the dead pic, my servers been acting up lately. all it was was a picture of a stick man with joints at his elbows and knees with the basic “stick man” body.

Hey Hojo, try this (If you haven’t seen it yet :slight_smile: )

watch KB2.

MUCH better than stickmen :slight_smile:

oh yes, killer bean is great.

#2 was sweet.

wow! but still, think of it, a bean that kill people when the music is to loud…

that is one short tempered bean right there.

lol, your telling me! it was still cool though.