A modest question or two

Hello, I’m just needing an answer or two for a few questions of mine. I’d appreciate any help you folks can throw my way. I’m using AS2 by the way.

Enemy AI.

I’m looking for some pretty simple AI, just enemy get after the player. (that is player directed with keys, not mouse). I came across the freeactionscript site but all they offered was, enemy approach mouse.


I’m needing animations to change depending on what direction my player is facing, also animations for attacking or jumping…I understand to simply put the animations on the individual MC, but I’m having trouble with more than one animation. After hacking through a good few tutorials, is it possible to compress an entire animation to a single frame?

As I understand at the moment…If xkey is down then…goto specific MCs (framenumber). But unless I can stick an entire animation on a single frame I’m not really understanding how to preform this…

Also, this is pretty simple I’m sure but for some reason I havn’t come across the answer yet. What would be the code on having a layer appear or vanish upon an event, say key press? something .visible I’m guessing?

Thanks in advance,