A New Forum Idea

Hey All,

Today I have been thinking about a new forum idea that I think would be very great feature to have especially for all the freelancers out there and the younger ones who are trying to earn a bit of extra pocket money for some of their designs.

The forum idea is a section where a user is able to post for example a Website Template, the user who created it makes a new posts explaining what the template is, a link to screenshot, a set price and explains what the buyer receives (.PSD, .FLA files etc…).

The buying process is then upto the seller & buyer, they will need to contact each other & organise their own payment methods (Eg: Paypal) & how things will be done.

Edit: Not only could this forum be used to sell website templates it could be used to sell forum skins, flash mp3 players, flash photogallaries, anything design related i guess…

Anyway its just a thought I had today, decided to post it and see what Kirupa & moderators thing. Ben :slight_smile: