A nice wiggly rope

Hello Flash boffins

I am trying to create something quite dynamic and I am a bit stuck, I dont really know what I am looking for tutorial wise. Basically:

I want there to be a loose rope at the bottom of the stage. One end of this rope would be connected to a fixed point on the left and the other to an object that can be dragged around with the mouse. I would like the rope to act dynamically, flopping around, tending to the bottom of the stage as if there were gravity. I am not after springyness, the rope would have fixed length.

The first thing I considered was to use small elements of rope, little straight lines with their individual origins set to one end. Each connected to the next element at its origin and to the last using trig to find where the other end would be. I think I could put this together but I would be left with a very blocky line, the curvyness would be limited to the size of my elements so it might look crap.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials for creating a realistic rope effect? Failing that if you have any better ideas of how to approach this any input is appriciated.