A Perfect Fade-In, a Perfect Movie-Style Intro

HI flash_monsters,\r\r-I have in Frame n°1 a MovieClip with this actionscript for a Fade in:\r\r\ronClipEvent (load) {\r_alpha = 0; }\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) { \rif (_alpha<100) { \r_alpha+=2; }\r}\r\r\r-In the Layer 2, I have a “stop”.\r-In Frame n°2 I have another MovieClip with the same script.\r\r\r\r1)In which way can I say to Flash:\r\rWHEN alpha=100 GoToAndStop to Frame 2?\r\r\r2) In Which way can I obtain a fade-out (after the fade-in) also, at first to pass to Frame 2?\r\r\rI have a lot of clip in the same number of frame, to make a movie-style intro.\r\rI see “Transition of alpha via Action Script” in the BEST, but nothing Help to me there.\r\rPlease, help me!\r\rMany Thanx\r\r\rDoctor

to answer your first question\r\ronClipEvent (load) {\r_alpha = 0; }\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) { \rif (_alpha<100) { \r_alpha+=2; }\rif (_alpha>=100){\r_root.gotoAndStop(2);\r}\r}\r\ras for a fade in… you can just reverse the code\r\ronClipEvent (load) {\r_alpha = 100; }\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) { \rif (_alpha>0) { \r_alpha-=2; }\r}\r

ManY Thanx upuaut8.\r\rThere’s a “challenge” for U in "tutorial " section…\r\r\r\rcheers,\r\r\r\rDoctor\r\r