A puzzler


i’m thinking thru the logic of the next step in my program and need some help brainstorming.

currently, i have a calendar which gets drawn out dynamically with the current month that it retrieves from a date object. i then highlight several days in this month based on dates i send it via xml.

what i really need to do is have the ability to put in different months and years in my xml and still have them highlight those days. currently, my xml doc consists of the same month and same year, but different days. it makes highlighting very easy but it’s not appropriate for the next phase of this project.

so when the calendar is first drawn it only draws the current month. i have to click an arrow back or forward in order to see the other months.

so my question is…how can i highlight days in months and years that haven’t even been drawn yet??? i know, i’m completely lost.

thanks. fumeng.