A question about _levels

This little piece of code duplicates the mc kfukkfum and puts it on level1. then i want to manipulate the _x-property. i dont succeed.

duplicateMovieClip (_root.kfukkfum, “kfumlogga”, 1)
setProperty (“kfumlogga”, _x, 30);
setProperty (“kfumlogga”, _y, 30);
setProperty (“kfumlogga”, _alpha, 65);

so far so good. But the little piece of code below wont manip the _x-property. anyone who knows why?

_level1.kfukkfum._x = 120;

the duplicated movieclip is not in level 1, its depth is 1. :wink:

there’s quite a difference between depths and levels.

Ok then whats the difference between levels and depth.

http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/layerslevelsdepth.htm =)