A quick one about loading routines

Hey there!

The site I’m doing works by loading lots of smaller swf files into 10 seperate layers using loadmovie)“one_of_my_swf_files.swf”,1-10) in a compromise to avoid too much loading of the same content and too much coding at the same time (not too good at that as of now :} )

Works great, but then I tried simulating download of a 56k conncection and it resulted in some pieces played earlier or later than they should because of their files sizes. Now I’m wondering: what’s the correct way of solving this? Could it be done using the MovieClipLoader.loadClip() command to load all the other .swf files of the site while it’s playing the intro movie? If so, is there a limit to how many .swf files or how many kb you can keep loaded in the background at the same time? And in that case where would one have a use for the MovieClipLoader.unloadClip() command?

I realize there is already a topic about this at:


But I wasn’t sure if I was to barge into that or start a new one… Someone correct me if it was wrong to start a “clone” topic :h:

Still extremely new to all this stuff so here’s to hoping all that jazz made sense