A quick Question

All I want to do is to create two movie clips that repeats forever. Lets say one clip runs for 30 frames and the other runs for 15 frames. I can’t do this on the main timeline beacuse I would use the gotoandplay command and that does not work for to clips of different length.

It is something easy I bet, but I am just stumped.

thanks for any help?

You can gotandplay into the individual movie clips, by editing the clips (objects) themselves, or:

you can create entirely seperate movies that load (loadmovie)

other than that, I’m not sure.

well, if they’re just movieclips (assuming a symbol), then just plop them both on your main stage and both should play infinitely, disregarding the length of both movies. now for the MovieClips themselves, make sure there’s nothing (actions) in the first and last frames to make sure they both repeat forever.

Each movie clip has four images, but when I put them into the main stage and publish it, the movie clips do nothing but show the first image.

I don’t know if I have just repeated my last post but that is my problem. I don’t think that I should have to use a the loadmovie becasue the file is pretty small to begin with. The GoToandPlay command does not let me go to the biggining of the clip it wants to goto a scene and frame.

I am still lost…but thanks, matt

do you want to cycle each through each of it’s four images?

A) do you have a stop action at the begining of each movie clip? If you don’t then they should just cycle through and repeat over and over again.

B), gotoAndPlay, if you send the play head to a frame which contains a stop action, it will not play. You have to send it to the frame after that one, and make sure that there is a keyframe located in the frame after the stop action too. stop(); actions will carry for as many frames after them as are open before another keyframe.

If you’re not using a stop action, then you may have the object on the main stage turned into a graphic single frame. This you can check out in your “instance” panel. Likewise you cannot name an instance of a graphic in that “instance” panel, which means that you would not be able to target it with a telltarget command.

Please if this is making no sense to you tell me. I’ll bring the jargon down a level.

Yes, all I want to do is cycle through the four images. I have not added any code to anything (your jargon is fine upuaut8 and I understand it). I just don’t understand why my movie clip is not playing? All I am doing is pressing f12 to puiblish the movie and preview it, and the movie clip is just not playing. Would it help if I post the fla file?

Thanks, matt

btw, the object says it is a movie clip in the info panel and the instance panel. what now?

Please send me a copy of the FLA at [email protected]… I’ll take a look at it and post a response here.

Well… it is working now.

I kept working on it, and added frames to the main timeline so that I could fade somethings in. I guess the movie clip would not play because there was not enough frames in the main timeline. but I thought that movie clips are independent of the main timeline?

upuaut8, ignore the e-mail that I sent to you and thanks for the offer.


I still believe that you have a setting off.

please click on your movie clip and then with it selected, open your “instance” panel. I’ll be willing to bet that it says that the object is a “graphic” set to loop. a looping graphic will not actually loop unless the main timeline has more than one frame associated with the graphic. Switch it to movie clip and it will loop independent of the time line.

Both the instance panel and the info panel says it is a movie clip. on a different project I once made a button, and some how the properties of that button got changed to a graphic and therefore the button did not work. when I go to edit it it would take my to the button editor. What I ended up doing was to change the properties to graphic and back to button. After that it worked.

Well thanks for time,


hmm… hard to imagine how that is working the way it is. Perhaps there is still another setting that I’m missing some where. I’d still apreciate seeing the file if you’re cool with that… if not, no biggie… I’m sure I’ll encounter that effect eventually on my own.

I did send you the file ziped up in an e-mail so you should have a copy of it before the changes that made it work. So look to your hearts content.


danka… if I have any insights I’ll write back. :slight_smile: