A really long post, prepare for a boredom

Well I have been using Flash for about 5 days, and I can hardly call myself any kind of an expert, and thats why I am on the board.
I am not really prone to big projects, but I like to try.
So my question,

  1. If I were to create a flash movie with multiple backgrounds, like most are. I would need to stop the keyframe of the first scene(by which I mean background) and make a new one in front of it. Right?

Two more questions follow this, relating to the first one (Well last one not so much, and yeah I am a classic flash moron).

  1. If I stop using action script on the keyframe on the first background, will it play auto repeat starting on the second background or do I have to add more action scripting.

One more after this,

  1. If I were to launch a new scene (say its starting on frame 200), and I wanted new things to play. I would have to start my new clips and graphics on keyframe 200.

Last one, probably a good thing.

  1. An interface (— = a period of frames)
    Layer1: -------------------- A longer time blinking object
    Layer2: ------------ A blinking object
    Layer3: -------------------------------------------- My background

Okay my frames on a basic animation is more or less this. When I seem to play it, it seems to want the entire background to scroll through before it replays. Of course, if this were true, I would just set my background to layer 1. But then it would take longer for Layer 2 to blink again. Then again it may be my eyes. Please clarify/help.

Preferably, you dont need to answer everything, just one of the questions, mainly cause I dont like having people pissed at my long posts, man I am a weakling :P. And hello to everyone here.