A REPLAY button

I am needing help creating a REPLAY button for a piece that I am finishing up… I know how to create the BUTTON – it’s just the script or code that I need help with… Please Note: I am a flash newbie – so, if you post a “how to” – please go step by step for me :slight_smile:

the site where I have a flash file up is my husband’s – here is a link to it: www.freedomictc.org

(please don’t dog me yet… I’m just learning : /

I believe the answer you want is:

on (release)
gotoAndPlay (1);

To do this, click on the button and open up the Actions Panel. If this panel is not already open you should be able to open it by clicking on a blue cursor on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Select Basic Actions, then select “On Mouse Event”.

Now, under Basic Actions again, select “Go To”.

Next to the word “Frame:”, input the number 1.