A small AS3 library to help with event handling and layouts..and some other things

Includes function to help align display objects against each other and an event system to give you a bit more freedom and power whilst reducing how much you type…

Please try it out and let me know any feedback or comments! I threw it together because I have found it very useful and thought someone else might be able to benefit. Suggestions and improvements are welcome.

More Detail:

http://code.google.com/p/bwhiting/downloads/list click -> bwhiting v1.1

http://bwhiting.co.uk/bwhiting/ click -> com.bwhiting.utilities

Sample Code:

//aligns this to the stage (defaults to middle - centre)
align(this, stage);

//aligns this to the stage, top left
align(this, stage, [0, 0]);

//aligns this to the stage, top centre
align(this, stage, [0.5, 0]);

//aligns this to the stage, top centre with and y offset of +25
align(this, stage, [0.5, 0], [0, 25]);

//adds a Click listener to mc which calls the handleClick function
//and also passes in mc as a parameter
addListener(mc, MouseEvent.CLICK, handleClick, mc);

function handleClick(mc:MovieClip):void

If you have any questions fire away!