A windows menu?

im just wondering if I can make a “windows meny” in flash 4. U can see an exampel on: www.designinsites.com/
(a very coooool site). I want to make a easy window that u can drag and close at any time.

plz tell me that I can make a meny like this in flash 4 !!! plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz…PLZ !!! Remember that it dont have to be to fancy (like at www.designinsites.com/)) but tasteful.

many thanx


Hey dodo,
You absolutely can make such a menu in Flash 4. Check out the following tutorial: www.kirupa.com/developer/dragdrop.asp

Change the circle into the shape of the window you want. You may want to make the object the shape and size of only the top portion of the window. Insert another layer inside the Movie clip and (Right click Edit in Place) and add the rest of the window.

That way, the window won’t drag when the text or content is selected. Only the top part of the window can be dragged instead. Hope I didn’t confuse you =)