Aaaugh, this is driving me up the wall!

I’m trying to do a completely CSS (table-less) site, and imo whoever invented CSS needs to be kicked in the butt.

[SIZE=1]Ok, just kidding about that last part. [/SIZE]

I’ve been trying all sorts of tutorials and sample layouts, and I’m still running into problems, like a box/content div going underneath the one next to it, instead of to the side of it. Or text running outside of the div and into other divs (what the heck is the purpose of a div if it doesn’t enclose something, like a border should?)

And all sorts of other problems. I did get it to look somewhat decent in Firefox, but then when I tested it in IE, it was all wrong again. :a:

PLEASE help.

I’m very tempted to just go back to tables, to not further subject myself to any more headaches.

< / rant >