About _rotation

i have a problem again, this is about method _rotation.
i have attached a script as following in certain movie clip.

myMovieClip._rotation = 50;

when i test my movie, myMovieClip doesn’t rotate as i expected. so how is the solution ? please help me…:ninja:

I think you want…

myMovieClip._rotation = myMovieClip._rotation +5;

Yep. It also depends on where myMovieClip resides.

If myMovieClip is the clip you’re trying to rotate, try:

this._rotation = this._rotation +5;

If myMovieClip is a different clip, you’ll need the full path to it. Assuming it’s on the main timeline:

_root.myMovieClip._rotation = _root.myMovieClip._rotation + 5;