About movie clips in full screen flash

I am trying to create a full screen flash website.
I have got the blank page, etc, and it all works in flash.
Example of what i mean by full screen flash: http://www.sorenhald.com/

The only thing i am slightly confused about is how to make movie clips appear from the edge of the movie clip in browsers of all sizes; how to posistion movie clips absolute depending on the size of the browser, IE 20pixels from the left 20 pixels up and 20pixels from the right 20 pixels up, etc.

My second question is how to create lines that span the whole of the stage even if the person has an unbeleivable resolution! Surely i don’t need to just make the movie clip stupidly big!

Is there a tutorial that will take me further than this: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/fullscreen.htm I have completed this one. It would ber nice to see a tutorial for full screen flash right to the point of finishing the flash website.

Thanks, Emdiesse