About the loader

hello id just read the tutorial on how to make a Percentage Preloader with Load Bar

i did your the everything ond the tutorial
my question is when i run my movie the loader doesnt apear
is it because my movie is to litle???
or why doesnt is apear ( the loader )
thanks :slight_smile:

when running off of your computer, you have “infinite bandwidth”

when you go to “test movie” you have to enable “show streaming” under the view menu… this will allow the movie to be ran in an “internet test environment”

If you go to test movie, then view…show streaming…you will see your preloader on the next loop or depending on the nature of your movie, you may have to play it again.

hit ctrl + enter twice and make sure you bandwith settings in your flash player are real slow so u can see whats goign on

hey thanks… thats what i thought its was but i didnt know how do modify thanks :slight_smile:

hehe :slight_smile: me 2