Absolute Positioning

I am looking for a tutorial on Absolute Positioning in Flash. I have noticed a ton of sites where something will stay in a spacific area.

For instance in my new site, i am looking to give credit to people who have helped me. I want it to be a hitTest area that stays on the bottom of the screen no matter how large or small the movie gets with a limit on the small side so it stops getting smaller when the screen is smaller than 800 x 600. This way the movie clip will expand depending upon the users screen size but the content of the hidden area will stay the same size so it does not distort. I think Solenior(sp) did this and maybe a few others.

If someone knows how to do this or could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful…I am looking to learn the actions script behind it not just a “here you go” type of deal…I want to really learn AS not just copy and paste it.