?accesing bitmap properties in a MC in a 2D Matrix?

I have loaded an external .jpg (so its now bitmap object)
this has been added as a child to a MC.
The MC is in a 2D matrix (array in a array)

How can I access the bitmap/loaded .jpg to, say, change its width ?

Thanks For taking the time to consider my query!!

so I want to:

Array1[0][2].childAt0.width = 333;

…but what do I change the childAt0 to ?

To put it another way, the structure is like this:

Array1[0] = Array2
Array2[0] = containerMC
containerMC ‘child at 0’ = myLoadedBitmapObject.

The pertinant code is below but its out of a very large file so It might not make much sense in the isolated context :

function loadKanaImages():void
  var image_url = kanaImages[imageCount][email protected];;
  var image_loader = new Loader();
  [COLOR=red]image_loader.load(new URLRequest(image_url));[/COLOR]
  imageCount +=1;
  [COLOR=red]image_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, **imageLoaded**[/COLOR]);
 function **[COLOR=red]imageLoaded(e[/COLOR]**:Event):void
    var tempArray:Array = new Array;
    **[COLOR=red]var tempMC:MovieClip = new MovieClip;[/COLOR]**
    tempMC.buttonMode = true;
    e.target.loader.content.width = 55;
    e.target.loader.content.height = 55;
    totalArray[totalArray.length-1][0] = totalArray.length-1;
    totalArray[totalArray.length-1][1] = kanaImages[totalArray.length- 1][email protected];
    **[COLOR=red]totalArray[totalArray.length-1][2] = tempMC.[/COLOR] **// e.target.loader.content;
    totalArray[totalArray.length-1][3] = kanaImages[totalArray.length-1][email protected];
    totalArray[totalArray.length-1][4] = kanaImages[totalArray.length-1][email protected];
  if(totalArray.length == kanaLength)