Access a function of the parent of an MC?

Hello there :slight_smile:

Well- actually, my problem is a bit more abstract than this thread’s title suggests… here’s the setup:

I have a parent function (called “Game”) with a couple of subfunctions.

There is one subfunction (“Game.prototype.spawnBonus”) that, as the name suggests, spawns a Bonus Item by duplicating a movieclip.

The duplicate movieclip is created on “_root”-level and has an onEnterFrame attached to it that checks whether a certain stage is met (all this works).

Now the problem is, when the case is met, I need to access a subfunction of “Game” and pass it the MC’s ID to fade out the Bonus Item. Like so:[AS]Game.prototype.fadeBonus = function(number) {
// just some stuff to fade out the MC with the number
// passed through the value “number”. This works well,
// I just need to know how to call this function from
// within the duplicated MC (see below)

Game.prototype.spawnBonus = function() {
// - duplicate an MC onto the “_root”-layer
// - assign it an id (can later be accessed
// by the MC through “”)
// - attach an “onEnterFrame”-loop to it

// All the above works well, but in the
// “onEnterFrame”-loop, I have this:
this._y += 4;
if (this._y>=this.end) {
// … this case is recognized correctly-
// if I put a “trace” here, it appears.
// All I need to do is to access
// “Game.prototype.fadeBonus” from here.
}[/AS]So… how can I access the function “Game.prototype.fadeBonus” from within the MovieClip that was duplicated by the function “Game.prototype.spawnBonus”?

Your comments and ideas will be welcome :slight_smile:

If all else fails, I’ll just put the “fadeBonus” function outside of the Game function / object… but I wanted to know if it is possible this way :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!