Access a MC on a specific frame

Hi everybody,

Here is the thing :
I have a several frames on which I have several MCs. logical.
On some frames, I have MCs that have the same name that on other frames. Right now, I access the frames by a gotoAndStop() and then access the MCs of the frame in the very frame.

What I want to do : I want to be able to access the MCs of all the frames from the first one to initiate them (loading purpose). But since I have MCs with the same name, I can’t juste do “MCName.whatever()” because as wouldn’t know which one to chose.

So here’s my question : is there a way to use the object-like syntax to prefix the MC Name by it’s frame ?
ie : frame is “Frame2”
mc is “myMC”
=> do Frame2.myMC.whatever()

Thanks in advance