Accessibility: focus on scrolling DIV

Hi, I’m trying to find out whether there is a cross-browser way to set the ‘focus’ to a specific DIV… and can’t seem to find a definitive answer

The people I work for use an XHTML / CSS template with the main content in a scrolling div, and we’re trying to make the templates as accessible as we can.

At the moment it’s possible to move around the pages using only the keyboard by tabbing - but this only works if there are links within the main scrolling content div.

Problem is, the ‘page up/down’ and up/down arrows will only work if you mouseclick on the scrolling div to set the focus to that part of the page

Is it actually possible to set the focus to that part of the page automatically, so you can use the up/down keys without having to use the mouse as well??

Any help much appreciated!