Accessing Class instances from another movie clip

Hey guys

I have a movie clip on the root which contains my menu. And another movie clip which plays my video. Basically when i click a menu item it calls a function which i want to able to send a command to my video player to play another video.

This is code inside my video player movie clip (i’ve missed out the including of the class and various config stuff - below is just so you see the name of the class instance)

var MDVideo:MD_VideoPlayer;
var videoPath:String = “assets/ski_video.flv”;

MDVideo = new MD_VideoPlayer(videoPath, local_config_obj);

I then want to be able to run this function from my menu movie clip, but I’m having problems accessing it from here as of course it says MDVideo doesn’t exist.

MDVideo.loadNewVideo(“assets/Allergan_opener.flv”, “assets/images/posterFrame.jpg”);

How do i access the MDVideo instance from my menu movie clip?

Any help would be appreciated… i know its probably been answered here before but I havent been able to find exactly what i need to make it work. Plus this is my first time doing AS3 so :slight_smile: