Accessing Class variables from loaded .swf

O! forum gurus, hear my plea:
I’m trying to recreate parts of a game I made in AS2.0 a couple of years ago. The first enemy unit .swf is loaded into the main file, into an MC called “enemies”. The loader is called “en0”. The .swf on its first frame references the Class “”, and has its variables defined using “stats” as a prefix.

In AS2.0, I would retrieve the variable “nom” like so: trace(_root.enemies.en0.stats.nom)

Here is the first bit of the .as file:

//class Enemy_ 
package {
import flash.display.MovieClip;
public class Enemy_ extends MovieClip{
public var nom:String = "Blat";

Is the problem that I’m expecting the loader to act like a MC? I’m struggling with the new AS depending so heavily on Classes.