Accessing object properties dynamically

I created a slew of objects using a for loop with the names manual0, manual1…etc.

Each object has 12 properties with a value of either 0 or true. For instance,

later on I want to run through the manuals and a specified property and return the results that are “true” for that specific property.

So I created a for loop
*mNum is the number of manual objects
*catArray is an array that contains all the properties in string form
(i.e. catArray[0] is “eos”

for(var i:Number=0;i<mNum;i++){
    var tmp=eval("manual"+i)
    var tmp2=catArray*

So that’s a simplified version of my code, but I get “Unidentified” for all responses. If I trace tmp2, I get the proper property name. And if I change tmp2 to that property name it works fine, but not the way it’s currently set up.

Any ways you can think of to make this work?

Please and thanks.

Oh, and I’m using AS2.0