Accidentally posted to wrong forum

Didn’t mean to crosspost, but I accidentally posted an Action Script question to the Flash 5 Forum. Sorry to waste everyone’s time and space.

JEESH! Now I accidentally hit “enter” and posted this article before I meant to – maybe it is time to go to bed!!!\r\rHere’s the question from the accidental cross-post:\r\rHey, guys! Stumped again. I am trying to load an external .swf file into a clip instance, so that I can move/resize/etc. with AS. First, I make a new movie symbol called “logo” in my main timeline. Then, I use:\r\rlogo.loadMovie(“myfile.swf”);\r\rThat doesn’t seem to work. I guess my REAL question is: how do you load an external .swf so that you can tweak it with AS?\r\rTHANKS!!!\r\rShannon

I answered it over there.\r\r…don’t worry about it.