Account problem: Voetsjoeba

I got this PM from Voetsjoeba (well his new ID)

Voets wrote on 12-24-2003 02:11 PM:
Hey sen :slight_smile:

It’s me, voets. I signed up as another member because I need to post badly and there are some problems with my account. I can view the forum and access my cp, but I can’t access any page like new reply, quote, online users, etc. Can you please have a look if there is anything unusual going on with it ?


Voets wrote on 12-24-2003 02:20 PM:
I’ve tried logging out and in and clearing cookies multiple times. I do have a quick reply box. It’s somethin’ weird. I guess it’s temporary …

Any idea whats up there?
Something that can be fixed? I see Voets in the member list but not Voetsjoeba :-\