Acessing a .swf through another .swf (loading issue)

Hey All,

So I have another issue that has me stumped (it’s been happening a lot on this project). I have three movieclips

  1. clip1.swf
  2. clip2.swf
  3. clip3.swf

The way it works now is that clip1.swf loads the clip2.swf and clip2.swf loads the clip3.swf. I named clip2.swf to clip_2 and so forth. I’m trying to access the main timeline of clip3.swf (clip_3) which looks like:

from the main timeline of clip1.swf

trace(clip_2) //returns [Object MainTimeline]

but when I do

trace(clip_2.clip_3) //returns [null]

It’s because clip_3 hasn’t fully loaded into clip_2 and if I do an EnterFrame, I it says null twice, then it accesses the timeline of clip_3 so it’s definitely a loading issue. Just need to figure out how to make clip_1 load clip_2 AFTER clip_3 has loaded into clip_2 any ideas on that one?