Acing the CCNA Exam

What is CCNA? Cisco Certified Network Associate or popularly known as CCNA is a certification that validates the ability to configure, operate, and install medium sized- routed and switch networks. This is the most preferred IT certifications. The CCNA exam gives way to four certification levels namely Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. These levels help develop credentials of IT professionals. This is particularly offered to confirm knowledge in many subjects. To meet a certification, aspiring individuals should know how to make links to isolated sites via a WAN. They should also be equipped with the knowledge to relieve basic security coercion and understand the materials for wireless network access.
Undergoing intensive skills training and knowledge building for Cisco is the best way to pass their exam. A passing score of 640-802 is required to get full certifications. The [COLOR=#810081]CCNA exam[/COLOR] training includes the proper usage of protocols such as IP, Serial Line Interface Protocol, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, Routing Information Protocol Version 2, and access control lists. It also includes Ethernet, and IP. Cisco also recommends courses like Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2) for examiners aid in grabbing the certification. Hands-on and web-based classes for these courses are vital for better understanding.
After review and training is accomplished, you can now take the exam with confidence. You can choose which [COLOR=#810081]CCNA exam[/COLOR] to take either numbers 640-816 ICND2 that lasts 75 minutes with 45-55 questions or numbers 640-822 ICND1 that lasts 90 minutes with 50-60 questions. Once you have passed the exam you can immediately have your certification, which is only valid for three years. If it expires, you can take a recertification exam or an ICND2 exam. You can also take another existing CCNA exam, a CCNA Concentration exam or any 642-XXX professional level exam, or a current CCIE/CCDE written exam.
There are other ways to pass the [COLOR=#810081]CCNA exam[/COLOR] besides going to training centers. If you opt to study at home by yourself, the best way to do it is to gather as much resources as you can. Getting moderate but not too many resources is enough. Too much of it can make you go gaga. Resources such as books, video tutorials, blogs about Cisco, Cisco simulators, and exam simulators with question banks can effectively help you pass. Since CCNA is not a subject that can be crammed, allotting a long span of study time for its exam is vital. In order to pass the [URL=“”][COLOR=#810081]CCNA exam[/COLOR], it is very important to keep your cool and plan for the exam ahead.
In CCNA certification exams, everything is definite and final. Like every other standard examinations, you can never go back on a question once you have input an answer. What is left for you to do is go forward and accept the results. If you fail, don’t worry because you can always retake the exam. If you pass, congratulations, you now have an edge over many other IT professionals!