Acrobat File Opening (mx)

I have tried to open the file using the url script and it works. But I would liek to use the following but it doesn’t work. I am on a Mac not sure whether this will work I have done what it says in thr instructions below.


Then open notepad and type in the following START filename.pdf Then go to save as and type in a file name then .bat

N.B make sure the file that the flash button is opening it is the same name as your .bat file. They both have to be in the same directory.

I have tried to get this to work also but no luck. If you figure it out please do share!

i was curious so i did a little experiment, it has to do with the version of flash you are using. flash 5, for example, will open batch files, but i have flash 7 and it will not open anything except .exe files. There is a app you can download, but it’s only for pc, sorry.