Action scrip to assign movies to buttons

I can’t figure out how to assign movies to buttons. Can anyone help me. I don’t know how to do this in MX. In five I used to use tell targets to assign actions. Is it the same in MX.

Please help me:)

I’m assuming your meaning movie clips and not movie but either way.

Code for movie clips:
code for swf’s:
loadMovie(“load1.swf”, 1);
This should work whether you want to load an external swf or just playing a movieclip after clicking a button.

Hope this helps, post again if you need help.



Do I assign the script to the actual button in my main scene or do I assign the script to the button symbol.

the button on the main scene.

Hope this helps


on (rollOver) {;

I used this for the roll over and it works, but how do i get it to go away on the roll over.


on (rollOver) {;
on (rollOut) {