Action script, I guess?

I need some help here!!

If you can download the file that I attached, open it please.

when you click on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in this order, everything works fine. but when you click on 1st or 2nd when you are 4th, or from 1st to 3rd, the movie clip skips.
I want the movie clip to move smooth. so, if I am 4th and click1st, I want it to go from 4>3>2>1
If I click on 3rd when I am on 1st, I want it to go like this 1>2>3.

you know what I mean?
I have seen some examples like this.
for example,
when you click on each button, all the movie moves properly without skipping what it should show.

I appreciate your help!!
Thank you.


been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and the .fla file :wink:

i tried uploading the file via kirup but according to them the file is too big, so alternative 2 is that you download the file off my site…

click here to download the .fla file

have a look at the button scripts… you can add your add your settings in there…

also check the panel instance name… you will have to refer to back to it again…

if you look to the left of the stage/canvas you will see in red “Script MovieClip” i ask that to be not visible at startup… you could take the text out if you like… i just added that in so its easy to spot the script MC. if you open the script MC check the frame scripts that was added in.

i added comments into all the actionscripts so i hope they make sense to you. they made sense to me when i typed them all.

if you have trouble downloading the file i can send it to you via e-mail… just let me know.

i had problems with uploading the .fla file, so i had to zip it… i hope you have a pc :-\

if not we’ll do the e-mail thing

click here to download the zip file (containing the .fla file)


I started writing a responce that took up a page of space here. Before I went on, I thought that maybe this could help you better.

First: You are using tellTarget which still works, but you can use code in MX like this:
Second: The site you used as and example starts by using this:
The movies that are loaded up have the animation in them, the menu system just says when to play those specific animations.

There is no easy way to tell you how that site was constructed.

Good luck!!!(-:


I downloaded the .fla file
but it is not what I want.
I want to leave the MC there without using that kind of action script.
In the movie clip, I want to insert the file that I made with Swift3D.
So, it cant be simply one frame movie clip.
you know what I mean?

And Freddythunder

I know how to make full flash site.
but I don’t know how to make “the menu system that says when to play specific animations” like the example (

what kind of coding do I need?

thank you for your help

Okay, check this out. There are a few different ways to do what you want. The first way I was thinking involves loading a movie for each button into a containter movieClip and telling it when to play. However way you look at it, each animation is one long animation with a stop(); in the middle of it. When I made this fla, I didn’t pay close attention to your last post (sorry, little ADD), and didn’t see how if you push button 4, then 1, you want to cycle through each animation 4>3>2>1. This one just does what your example site does. The way this fla works, I name a var ‘location’. Location tells the movie where to go by frame. From here, you should learn to avoid the dreaded ‘skip’.

I hope this helps!!

Sorry, one more thing. Markucq, I wanted to look at the fla you posted but I keep going to a 404 page. Is it still posted? If not, no biggie.

thanks a lot!!
That helped me.

I appreciate your help!

To Freddythunder

I have a problem again here.
when I play the movie and play the third or second button before pushing the first button, it doesn’t play second or third movie. It plays the first movie.
what can I do to fix that?


I said that in the other post that I saw that part of your post after making that .fla. I actually have never done that before, but I could figure it out. It’s just going to be a lot of variables set by the buttons to tell Flash to play in an order. Just for the sake of saying, how many buttons do you plan to utilize. If it’s just four, then it’ll be easy. If it’s more, it’ll be hard. I’m glad I could help.

I want to put 6 buttons!
Yes, it is a lot
but if you can figure out with 3 or 4 buttons, I think I can develop afterwards

I appreciate your help

Hi takashi0808,

On your fla, are you just going to animate symbols? or loading external swf?

Hi, KazchiX

on my flash, I want to animate graphic.
but either way will work for me.
as long as the file size doesn’t get way too big, that is fine.
do you know a solution to this?