Actionscript 3.0 click event listeners

[SIZE=3]Hi people.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]I am stuck. Any help would be most appreciated.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]I need to change the following opensourced ActionScript3.0:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]import gs.*;[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1], 0.5, {alpha: 0.4});[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, mouseOverHandler);
this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mouseOutHandler);
[COLOR=red]this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, click);[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][COLOR=red]function click(event:MouseEvent):void
var [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=red]URL:URLRequest[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=red] = new URLRequest([/COLOR][/SIZE][URL=“”][SIZE=1][COLOR=red][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=red]);
function mouseOverHandler(e:Event):void {, 0.5, {alpha: 1});
[SIZE=1]function mouseOutHandler(e:Event):void {, 0.5, {alpha: 0.4});
[SIZE=3]Specifically I need to change the click event listener to ‘gotoAndPlay’ from the timeline in my flash file, rather than have it as a link to a URL.[/SIZE]
I have tried several ways around this and had my actionscript in place without any compile errors; however the click event did not function as instructed.
Does anyone have a quick solution to this?

Many thanks in anticipation,