Actionscript 3.0 help...easy $150

I posted this in the job offers forum, and it might have been the wrong place because…

I’m looking for about 2 hours of help with a project building dynamic navigation.

The project infrastructure is mostly completed…just a few issues that I am unable to figure out, which I’m sure will be very simple for an experienced actionscripter.

I love the forums here, but I really need to get this project completed (and my CF/linux/perl addled brain just cannot grasp AS3 and all it’s nuances in a timely manner)…but I would also like to learn along the way…so I’d really like someone that will also be able to answer questions that I have as they come up…either via phone or IM.

I’ll pay $75.00 an hour for this assistance via paypal.

That’s a pretty painless $150.00.

For any more needed information and source code, please email me via my profile.