Actionscript 3 Buttons Help

I have a demo reel site I am working on. I am new to Flash CS4 and actionscripting by the way. I have a movie clip with a button inside it. The button inside is essentially a “close” button to bring you back to the home page. I made a frame label in Scene 1 called “HOME”. I can get it to work using this code below. This code is put inside the movie clip. The problem is that once the button is clicked and it goes back to home page on the main timeline of Scene 1, the whole movie stops working. Clicking on the movie button again does nothing.I tried gotoAndPlay, but it kept looping. Am I missing some code?

example code:


home_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gohome);

function gohome(event:MouseEvent):void{
gotoAndStop (“HOME”);