Actionscript based user forms

Hi all,

I need to build a web application in flash, the gist is the application takes users inputs and generates a network diagram based on that inputs.

I actually coded the entire application in JS DOM and PHP GD, and client comes back saying they cant support PHP (IT restrictions). So now am back to square one,
wondering, how to draw network images. JS cant do it. So i stumbled upon Actionscript.

So if i were to code an application entirely in actionscript,

My questions,

  1. Does actionscript provide me a way to create input fields (select, text,
  2. Would i be able to use these user inputs from Question 1 to generate a network
    diagram ?
  3. Can actionscript do Question 1 and 2 without needing support from a server side
    scripting language like PHP ?

If somebody can help me understand, that would be very helpful. Thanks.