Actionscript conflict

I have successfully recreated several movies from the Actionscript tutorials:

“Random Motion Tutorial” and
“Springs: Elasticity, Physics, and Flash MX”

I have now created a movie that calls these 2 movies so they can play together in an interface. The problem is that they somehow conflict with each other. They are fine when they play on their own. But, when they are both called from one movie to play, they somehow are conflicting with each other even though they are separate movies. It seems as if the some of the clips from one movie are acting like the clips from the other movie. Could it be that the movies both use “this”? If so, is there a work around to keep each movie talking to itself only?

Any ideas? Thanks!

I never really thought about that and I’ll go and check it out myself but it shouldn’t be a problem with using ‘this’ but it may be having a trouble with identical instances. I’ll update later with new info that I find out on the subject and thanks for bringing it up!

Thanks Dan. Let me know if you would like to see the code or the .swf. I will post it. Thanks!

It would be good to see the bug in effect so you think you could post a link to exactly what you are talking about. I looked at your site…looks very nice and professional, you should post in the ‘Site Check’ forum so that you can be awarded site of the week! I’m a moderator and I would for sure vote for it. Back to the subject, so when you say that the 2 movies are bugging each other out do you mean movie clips or a .swf movie file? If you want you can email me the .fla and I can do a quick fix on it and email it back:

[email protected]

OK, so 2 things :

  1. Supra wrote a bunch of prototypes in his tutorial. I did too, but I had some trouble to make them work. I’m not Supra… It had something to do with the keyword this. indeed. Maybe I didn’t correct everything.

  2. The random motion tutorial is the most complex fla I have seen, and every attempt to modify or use it has miserably failed so far.

In other words, no idea what the problem is.

An advice tough : try to load into level, there won’t be conflicts between variables then (I think).

pom :asian:

*Originally posted by dan4885 *
**I looked at your site…looks very nice and professional, you should post in the ‘Site Check’ forum so that you can be awarded site of the week!

I can do a quick fix on it and email it back[/email] **
First one : totally agree. Nice job.
Second one : I’d like to see that, Dan ! :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

You think I can’t script in Flash?

Not at all, Dan. It’s just that it’s some very serious stuff. I don’t think it’s going to be a ‘quick fix’, even though you’re a very good scripter… I mean I lost hours on that fla, and still couldn’t make it do what I wanted it to do :-\ I couldn’t make it do anything, actually…

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I know :stuck_out_tongue: and by quick fix I meant I was going to load into separate levels, it usually fixes things for me when I use prototypes!

We’ll see. But it looks like the decent thing to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the compliment on the site!

Here are the files:

This works fine:

This also works fine:

But, put them together and things mess up:

Here are the .fla files. Any ideas would be appriciated!

Thank you!!!

I’ll see what I can do but I am sure I will figure something out and then I will post up an updated .zip file on my domain for you to download!

they both define a MovieClip prototype named move. you’ll have to rename one of them.

there maybe other conflicts, that was just the first one i noticed.

Why is your prototype taking over mine and not the contrary :*(
Life is unfair sometimes…

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