ActionScript conflict?!

Hey all… a little prob here. It seems that my preloader and mouse trailer are not working the way I want them to. The both work fine alone, and they kinda work together, heres the prob:
In scene 1 I have the preloader along with the mouse trailer - in scene 1 they work fine. However when the preloader jumps to scene 2 the trailer freezes and does not dissapear. I’ve tryed so many different things from reseting vars to using the delet function, anyway I cant figure it out. The Partial .fla zip file is to big to post here. It is about 300,000 bytes. I deleted about all I could but the stuff I am talking about, but to no avail. I would be happy to email it to someone who was willing. Thanks in advance you guys are all great!

P.S. the attached zip wont work :wink:

send me some mail. I’ll look at it.

I’d send it but your email is not listed and the kirupa form email doesnt let me attach anything. Send me a message with your email. Thanks