Actionscript Developer Wanted

I’m Ryan Ford, a designer at Costa Mesa, California-based design and marketing firm [URL=“”]Strata Media (our website sucks, I know…it’s on our list of to-do’s). I’m part of a new design team which is now taking what was once a print-only design agency and moving it towards new media design (like flash and other web work).

At the moment, I’m the only guy on staff with any skills in actionscript and programming. But alas, programming is not my primary skill-set. I’m a designer, first and foremost. So, I’m putting the feelers out to see if there are any Southern-California programmers with skills in Actionscript and other related programming languages (PHP, CSS, HTML, etc).

If you have any interest, this would be a freelance position up front. We can discuss compensation privately. We’re interested in bringing somebody in immediately, as there are quite a number of flash projects in the queue and we could use the help.

Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].