Actionscript & dynamic text

I’ve hit a small snafu…is there anyway I can read from a dynamic text and use it as a name to control one of the movieclips?

ie: I have a dymanic text called “dText”, where I set “kirupa” as the comment within. I also have a movieclip, which I named “kirupa”, is there anyway I can take the comment in the dynamic text and use it in the actionscript? I’m trying to hide the movieclip, so far I’ve tried:
[_root.dText]._visible = true;
(_root.dText)._visible = true; &
“(_root.dText)”._visible = true;

None has worked, is there any other way? is this even possible?



should work :wink:

hmm…doesn’t work for me :puzzle:

works fine for me…unless I’m misunderstading your issue.


I don’t get what you’re trying to do :*(
Can you post us a fla?


I’m just trying to figure out how I can use the comments within the dynamic text as a instance name in the actionscript…Adam pretty much did what I was looking for, but for some reason its not working for me, I might be doing something wrong…

oh yea, thanks again Adam for the help

I’ve modified Adam’s attachment to what my exact situation is like…
the dynamic text object is on the main scene, the movieclip is within a number of other movieclips. I have a button on the same movieclip as the “kirupa” movieclip, but I can’t seem to control the “kirupa” movieclip using the button.

I have kept the actionscript I used to try to control it, maybe I’m making some small mistake, but I really don’t know why its not working.