Actionscript embedded in .txt file?

I’m fairly certain it isn’t, but does anyone know if it’s at all possible to pass actionscript back to the player through an externally loaded .txt file via some sort of “a href” tag?
Or am I out to lunch in thinking this would be a cool feature?

Well it’s certainly possible to have Flash read functions from an external text file using the #include statement, so I’m sure you could pass values from the file as well. But do you want to pass things to a text file dynamically? That is, do you want to write information to a file with Flash? If so, I think you would need to write yourself a simple PHP (or similar) script that could read Flash input and output to a text file. Or am I getting this all wrong? :slight_smile:

  • ptolemy

it is indeed possible. this saved me huge headaches once upon a time…

you can call a function from imported html by using asfunction:

<a href="asfunction:functionName[,function arguments]">

that would be in the external file you loaded in.

WOW! this could be cooler, but I’m not sure how =)

ptolemy wrote:
>>That is, do you want to write information to a file with Flash?

Nope, I want to load a .txt file with navigational elements in it that control the movie.
Now that I know I can do it and have the syntax to boot, I’m gonna go put it to use!!
Thank you sbeener - I live in Victoria, and happen to be going to Vancouver tomorrow. Can I buy you a beer for your help?