Actionscript help! Attaching weapons!

I am using Flash MX 2004, and me and my friend has started making a game like
Adventure Quest!

I am the coder, and I have stumbled across a problem right now.

You see I have a “Weapons.swf” where there are 6 diffrent movie clips like “SteelKatana”, or “GoldenKatana”.


Is the code I use to load the swf into the main battle file,
and now I want to find a way to spawn a certain of thoose movie clips into the
scene when a button is clicked.
I also want it to stick to another graphic symbol, and follow it’s motions.

Is this possible?
Or maybe someone could tell me a better way to do this?

(Please don’t spamm stuff like “AQ sucks” or “Why do you want to make a game like AQ?”
I’ve seen enough of this in other threads on other forums, and it enoy’s me.
So please if you can help me, if you just here to complain don’t answer at all.)

Any help Apriciated!