ActionScript School? Need thoughts

So. I was responding to a post. The Monthly Project post to be precise… and some of the posts got me thinking. Even though my time is a little bit limited, I would still be able to start up some sort of ActionScript School.

It would contain everything and I’d teach a number of classes. Say ActionScript Basics, Advanced ActionScript, Game ActionScript and a couple of others later on if need-be. I’d propose this to be a free service but maybe with a catch. You know… Something like, every first student has to help build the website or something like that.

Every student who passes would get an ActionScript certification directly from me. This certification might not be worth anything now but it may sometime in the future, who knows. And you’ll get to learn some cool shizter.

So, now I need your opinions on this. Would you be interested, will it be useful… Take the poll and tell me what you think.