Actionscript still not working in flash 8.2

The script was made in old flash 5.1
i’m trying to update my website in 8.2
this of course is the last script to fix.
this is a starfield script,the stars must
move from left to right , if someone
knows of a script already let me know,all i
have found was old 5.1 scripts…

there are three frames
first frame of code:

numstars = 100;
numlevels = 6;
xmin = refrect._x;
ymin = refrect._y;
xmax = refrect._width;
ymax = refrect._height;
t = 1;
while (Number(t)<Number(numstars)) {
duplicateMovieClip(“star”, t, t);
xspeed = int((t/numstars)numlevels);
setProperty(t, _x, Number(random(xmax))+Number(xmin));
setProperty(t, _y, Number(random(ymax))+Number(ymin));
setProperty(t, _xscale, xspeed
setProperty(t, _yscale, xspeed*20);
tellTarget (t) {
xspeed = xspeed;
t = Number(t)+1;
setProperty(“star”, _visible, 0);
setProperty(“refrect”, _visible, 0);

Second frame of code:

t = 1;
while (Number(t)<Number(numstars)) {
tellTarget (t) {
xpos = Number(_x)+Number(xspeed);
if (Number(xpos)>Number((Number(xmax)+Number(xmin)))) {
xpos = xpos-xmax;
setProperty(t, _y, Number(ymin)+Number((random(ymax))));
setProperty(t, _x, xpos);
t = Number(t)+1;

Third frame of code:


Now there is’nt any error promblems but no movement from my stars

Three MC are refract,star,starfield…