Actionscript Timer?

Hey Guys,

I don’t even know if “Timer” is what I am looknig for here, but it makes the most sense to me and I can’t find it in my trusty AS 8 Bible, so I am thinking a post is the best thing to do.

I have a menubar system in Flash and they’ve asked me to modify it a bit. Right now, you can scroll through this particular menubar quite easily using “left” and “right” ‘buttons’ that I have created, and then you can click on the item to bring up a preview window.

My boss has informed me that I have to change it so that if the user doesn’t click “left” or “right” for a full second after their last press then I should auto-load the preview window…

So my question is this; can I create something like this in Flash? I mean, I am sure it’s possible, but where do I start?