ActionScripted Button With Color Fade (Hard)Question

Hello, This is my first post here and it my be a hard one to understand?\r\rOverview----------------------------------\r\rI have four buttons on the main stage (info) (help) (bio) (main)\r\rWhen you Rollover a button it fades to another color/when you rollout it fades back to the original color\r\rI have a script that does the color change because I do not want to use motion tweens.\r\rHere is what I did------------------------\r\rI made a 2 frame MC named infoMC\r\rIn the 1st frame of the MC I made the word (info) a nested MC and attached the color change code to it.\r\r\r\rThe 2nd frame of the MC Is the same as the 1st frame but I revesed the color change\r\r\r\rBoth frames have stops in them\rThe first frame is labeled “over”\rThe second frame is labeled “up”\r\r---------------------------------------------------------\rA button on the main targets the infoMC\r\r\r\r\r???\rNow to my question \r\rDo I have to do this to every button?\rIs there a way to reuse this script for all the buttons?\r\rI would like to find a better way to do this because the file size jumps up everytime I make a new button ! !!! !!! !!!

you could possibley try tweening the colour fade?

lobstars I am not using motion tweens thanks anyway.

Well… you might be able to do it with a function… but why would you not do it with tweens IF it saves file size?

-I want to use textfields\r-tweening textfield can get messy\r-I like the feel of a actionscripted color change over a tweened one.

This Forum should be called Flash Tweening

I think upu said it. Put the script into a function, and put the function in the main timeline and then just call the function from the button.

Thank you upuaut8 and Jabba I’m reading about them right now if you know of any examples out thereplease let me know…

What is your color change code? If I had that I could probebly work out the function for you.