Active buttonproblem

Hey flashers,

I have a menu, that contains the words:
Home - About us - Services

I all converted them to buttons, graylooking, when i click on About us, it should stay red the whole flashmovie, until I touch another button like Services, services should stay red during the whole flashmovie and About us has to turn gray again.

If somebody can help, THX A LOTTTT =)

are you trying to say that you created some sort of rollover animation, and you want the animation to complete before changing the color of the button?

One thing you could do:

instead of having the rollout change the color of your button, try using the last frame of your animated mc. Have that last frame change the color of your button back to grey. That should work for you.

Heya back,

I think you misunderstood me, but I’ve prepared .zip file and there I explained it fully in html.
You can open the zip and extract all the files to one folder, open then open_me_first.htm and you will see what i meant.

The htmlfile is showing what i want to create in flash.

And big thanks for the help !!! :slight_smile: