Actonscript question


I’ve got a little trouble with a script.
Its this below…

testSquare_mc_width = getProperty(/:testSquare_mc, _width);
testSquare_mc_height = getProperty(/:testSquare_mc, _height);

if (/:testSquareProperty == 1) {

/:go_testSquare_alpha = 100;
/:go_testSquare_width = 40;
/:go_testSquare_height = 40;

} else if (/:testSquareProperty == 3) {

/:go_testSquare_alpha = 100;
/:go_testSquare_width = 80;
/:go_testSquare_height = 40;

} else if (/:testSquareProperty == 4) {

/:go_testSquare_alpha = 100;
/:go_testSquare_width = 40;
/:go_testSquare_height = 80;


testSquare_width = /:go_testSquare_width-testSquare_mc_width;
setProperty(/:testSquare_mc, _width, testSquare_mc_width+(testSquare_width/3));

testSquare_height = /:go_testSquare_height-testSquare_mc_height;
setProperty(/:testSquare_mc, _height, testSquare_mc_height+(testSquare_height/3));

Now, I want to put this in a movieclip… but I don’t seem to get It to work, because I don’t exacly know what the /: means.
And, how can I adjust it so I can put this actioncript in a movie?
Can someone explane it to me… not to difficult please I’m just a beginner :stuck_out_tongue:


get rid of the "/:"s and also all of the "go"s unless they are part of an object instance name that is not actionscript…

there are plenty of good tutorials at this site and among others.


I’ve tried what you said but I still can’t get it to work. I’ve attached my fla, and all that stuff has to be in a movieclip.

Also, what does the /: mean exactly?
And go, what does that do?

Thx for the help!