Adapted gallery to menu

Dear all,

Ive been trying to adapt the "resizing" galleries to a complete website. MEANING: On the righ hand side, Im trying to load an XML menu from an external file. Problem number one. Not loading it when Im loading it into a container, it works fine when I simply load it into a different level. Naturally i would not load images, but rather external mcs and have the stage/border resized. I used the XML menu due to obvious reasons.

If the above was terribly confusing, Ill try again in other words. The external menu (attachment) should be the navigation for the container in order for the content to be loaded. BUT the external menu wont load properly into the placeholder mc AND getting the external menu to work together with the stage/container/reszie function is a whole different story.

I apologize for the messy layout and if this looks really ugly, you`ll get the idead of the concept should be clear.

thanks a bunch in advance,