addChild in a for loop

I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong with this…any and all help appreciated.

I’m trying to dynamically create a menu specified by the contents of a text file. If the text file has 3 pages listed, 3 buttons are pulled from the library with 3 links…

    function onDataLoad(evt:Event){
    //Load from text Document
    myCount.number =;
    //Set original y coordinate       
         var myYCoord:Number = 20; 
    //initiate for loop to populate all fields 
         for(var i=1; i <= myCount.number ;i++){ 
    // Create variable number of newButtons     
         this["newButton" + i +":theButton"]  =  new  theButton();
    // Add text to dynamic text fields.
         this["Page"+i].text =["Page" + i];
    //use addChild to add var number of buttons (seems to be where the issue lies
         this.addChild(new  this["newButton"+i]());
    //move Button down     
         this["newButton"+i].y = myYCoord ;
            myYCoord = myYCoord + 30;



Again, any and all help is appreciated.